External Plantation Shutters


Available in a standard off-white colour or can be customised in a range of paint shades. PVC is water resistant and low maintenance, making it suitable for both home and commercial requirements.

The solid louvers resist dents and scratches, providing a highly durable and stable shutter, designed to withstand the rigors both inside and outside.

The PVC shutter is available in 63mm and 89mm Louvre widths.



The Aluminium shutter range - ideal for enhancing patios, decks and balconies - provides adjustable privacy, light and sun control as well as protecting your outdoor areas from the elements.

The Aluminium shutter range is manufactured from extruded high tensile aluminium (T5) with stainless steel hardware. It provides a durable, low maintenance product, suitable for interior and exterior applications.

It is specifically designed to be exposed to the elements, making it the superior shutter choice for outdoor areas as well as indoor situations.

Available in four colours, the Aluminium Shutter range can also be produced in any colour from the Dulux Powder Coat range. It is also available in an 89mm Louvre width.


Siberian Larch

(Being released early 2012)

This natural timber product is derived from pine trees. It is primarily used for external applications as it stands up to moisture extremely well.